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Meet the 8-Tracks Band Members

Bill Johnson: Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals

Bill Before  Bill After 

Little Billy 8-tracks’ mother grew tired of him banging on the coffee table like a chimpanzee with her best silverware while playing along with his LP records.  In an attempt to save her hearing and protect her silverware and coffee table she bought Little Billy a cheap drum set that he threw in the closet and never played.

Soon afterward, Billy 8-tracks’ soon-to-be-cardiac-arrested mommy bought him a cheap electric guitar and amplifier, which he ignored because his mother did not realize it was a right-handed guitar – Little Billy was left-handed.  The guitar sat in the closet next to his drum set for years until Little Billy, the musical savant, flipped the guitar around and began playing it left-handed. 

When his mother saw The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, she noticed the cute Beatle playing his guitar flipped the opposite way.  Ah, the light bulb went off in the dimly lit Johnson household when she realized that there were guitars specially made for left-handed people.  The next day she went in search of a left-handed guitar and so began the never-ending saga of a struggling left-handed guitar player living in a right-handed world. 

NOTE: Little Billy played with a band called “FATE” and wrote many original songs for this hard rock band.  He also traveled to Nashville and Los Angeles to pitch his originals.  He also started the Sacramento Songwriters Association for local songwriters to pitch their original music to the industry and to learn about the craft of songwriting.

Jim Campbell: Drums/Vocals

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Just like every kid in America, Jim wanted to be in a rock band after seeing the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. He was 8 years old. It took a few years but he got his first drum when he was 10. His Mother saved her tips from her waitress job in San Francisco to buy him his first full drum set when he was 11. 

In 1967 he was playing drums in his first band. The Country band he was with in 1988  “El Dorado”  opened for the Great George Jones at the Fresno Events Center. He’s been in a lot of bands, played a lot of nightclubs over the years since. He has played everything from Rock, to Jazz, to Country and Blues. 

He joined “The 8 Tracks” in 2008 as their Lead Singer then left to pursue other musical interests. He has filled in with them singing over the past 6 years, and now, he joins them full time on drums and lead vocals.               

Tim Campbell: Lead Guitar/Vocals

 Timmy300 Timmy2300

Tim Campbell is the youngest of The 8-Tracks, in fact, when he was born the eight track tape was long a thing of the past as were cassettes. Tim started playing his dad’s drums as soon as he was tall enough to reach the pedals.  A few years later he got a set of Tama drums for Christmas.  When he was about 12, he joined the St. Stephens Church “Christian Rock League” and played with them for 3 years.  Several bands later he had mastered the drums and wanted to try his hand at guitar.  He got an acoustic guitar when he was 15.  His parents saw how fast he picked it up and bought him a Fender Strat and amp a year later.  After 11 years of playing he is now in his first band on lead guitar.  A few years ago he bought a keyboard and is now mastering that.  Tim brings his drumming, guitar playing,  keyboard and vocal skills to the band.  And he loves playing the classic rock music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s!

Ike Reeves: Bass Guitar 


Ike Reeves is (paradoxically) both the newest member and the oldest member of the band. Growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina, Ike grew up listening to the great R&B and rock-n-roll artists that you could only hear out of Chicago after dark (on the AM “skip”). At the age of 10 his folks bought him a bright green sparkle Rodgers snare drum. After only a year of practice his parents realized the folly of their ways and purchased Ike an instrument that had a volume control (the bass guitar). Ike kept honing his skills and enjoyed success in several regional bands in the southeast including a stint with “The Good The Bad and The Ugly”. In 1971, Ike joined the Air Force as a cinematographer and later moved to television and finally civil engineering, but his first love, the bass was never far away, leaving a long list of start-up bands where ever he was currently stationed. Performing, Ike had been the recipient of recognition and several awards for his playing in including an invite to join the Air Force’s “Tops in Blue” touring revue. Upon moving to the Sacramento area in 1993, he has played with Pocoloco, Orion, The Steve Franklin Band, JR Swink before joining “The 8-Tracks.” “Ike has been on Television, and Records. As a matter of a fact, Ike is one of the biggest “has been the business.”